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Getting Started

Welcome to alpaca.tech, your one-stop solution for Itinerary Technology. We are dedicated to helping developers construct applications and websites that leverage Itinerary Technology for optimized user experiences.

Here's a snapshot of our comprehensive offerings:

  • API Integration: Our robust API supports multiple functionalities such as reading and writing trips, trails, and lists. It allows you to look up routes and access detailed place information, streamlining your development process.

  • Mapping Services: Build and display interactive maps with our Mapping Services. We provide data in varied formats including Vector Tile hosting and broader datasets to ensure compatibility with multiple mapping platforms.

  • Itinerary Editor: This specialized tool for content teams offers a map-based headless CMS editing environment designed to simplify itinerary plotting. It comes loaded with advanced features such as draft/publishing capabilities, AI content creation, and more.

  • Embed Options: We offer embeds like scripts and iframes for pre-built, off-the-shelf interactive assets. These are perfect for instant content display on websites.

We've poured in years of development effort and substantial investment into our R&D to present Alpaca.tech’s robust infrastructure. Our platform has been utilized by numerous travel brands, government bodies, and council bodies, serving content to millions of users worldwide. With years of experience in crafting itineraries across hundreds of projects, we've become a trusted name in the field.

Our mission is to empower developers and designers to harness the potential of itineraries through our comprehensive "Itinerary Technology". Our offerings include:

  • Developer Experience (DX) Focus: With a comprehensive API, we facilitate developers to work more efficiently.

  • Tested Architecture: Our reliable architecture has been used to serve content to millions of users.

  • Continuous R&D: Our team invests heavily in regular R&D, constantly improving our platform.

  • Tool Suite: We provide all the necessary tools and services to ensure developers can deliver top-quality results.

Target Use Cases

alpaca.tech platform is specifically tailored for creating engaging travel content and designing trip plans.

  • Custom UI Development: Develop your unique UI for displaying interactive content and trip planning tools.

  • Interactive Itineraries Display: Display interactive itineraries such as trips, trails, and curated place lists.

  • Trip Planning Tools: From basic favourites functionality to multi-day complex itineraries with extensive ground-level details, our platform has you covered.

At Alpaca.tech, we commit to delivering a reliable and innovative platform to elevate your content creation and itinerary planning processes. Together, let's redefine travel experiences for the digital era.


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