Unlock new levels of itinerary technology.

Build digital travel products faster with our comprehensive itinerary tech. A powerful, easy-to-use CMS, API, and an ever expanding set of customisable modules and UI elements.

Powerful data models built specifically for itineraries.

The Alpaca schema offers advanced data models with a range of features, from creating basic lists to complex itineraries. Explore the schema and core functionality in our getting started docs.

Curated Lists
Trails / Hikes / Paths
Trips / Multi-day
Directories / Guides
Collections + Segments
Collections + Segments
POI / Optional Stops
Place Data + Providers
Opening Hours
Auto Routing, Waypoints
Alt. Routes, Start, End
Multi-modal directions
35+ Transport Modes
Custom Data
Draft / Publishing

Friendly type-safe GraphQL API.

Our GraphQL API offers hassle-free and type-safe access to our advanced itinerary schema structures, specifically designed for itinerary data structures. This enables faster development times and improved ergonomics for developers.

Try it out for yourself with our GraphQL playground.

API reference guide
Friendly type-safe GraphQL API.
API reference guide

Efficiently build high-performing applications with Alpaca's integrations for routing, place search, image resizing, and providers.


Our GraphQL API offers improved ergonomics, type-safety, and autocompletion for hassle-free access to itinerary data structures

Flexible place integration.

Flexible place integration.

Flexibly integrate places into your itinerary, using our existing providers or custom data. Easily access rich place information, including opening hours and social links, through our API for a seamless user experience


Advanced routing capabilities.

Customize routes with 35+ transport modes and multi-modal support. Add your own data or GPX info, control tolls and ferries with waypoints, and use automatic routing profiles for common modes. Plan your journey from A to B to C and beyond, for any day trip or multi-day adventure.

Build better

with Alpaca.

Alpaca provides comprehensive mapping data, itinerary schema structures, and advanced routing capabilities that allow users to create and share their trips and trails with ease.


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