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Apollo Sandbox - a GraphQL Playground

Apollo sandbox preview

GraphQL offers an introspection capability with a defined schema. This helps you develop the query that suits your specific use case or technical needs without having to go through a lot of API Documentation.

Through the Apollo Sandbox , you can try out your queries and mutations directly onto the GraphQL environment.

  • Lists out all the query and mutation operations and type fields that are available for the Alpaca Travel GraphQL API

  • Supports autocompletion and validation of your operations

  • Provides the ability to send operations and see the response

Visit the Apollo GraphQL Sandbox 🔗.

Updating Connection Settings

Open the connection settings ⚙️.

Configuration for apollo sandbox

In order to interact with GraphQL, you will need to use the following root endpoint and update ?accessToken=<YOUR_API_KEY> with your credentials.

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