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Itinerary Collection

  • Create Itinerary Collection Creates an Itinerary Collection, which can be used to create new sub-listsmutation createItineraryCollection( $itineraryId: ID! $itineraryCollection: CreateItineraryCollectionInput!) { createItineraryCollection( itineraryId: $itineraryId collection: $itineraryCollection ) { collection { id } }}

Itinerary Directions

  • Create Itinerary Link Itinerary Creates a link between itineraries from one itinerary to another
  • List Itinerary Links Query the itinerary linksquery listItineraryLinks($itineraryId: ID!, $first: Int!, $after: String) { itinerary( Supply the itinerary ID id: $itineraryId ) { Select the associated itinerary links using the children selector children( Limit to querying the itinerary links type: ItineraryLink Using the relay "cursor connection" specification for pagination See: https://relay

Itinerary Location

Itinerary Segments

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