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In order for content to be returned when listing itineraries for a profile, the Itinerary must be published as well as have the listed property set.

Publishing in Itinerary Editor

When querying using a public scoped access token:

  • Content that does not have the attribute listed set to true will not be returned when requesting itineraries for a profile
  • Only content that is published will be returned.

If you are using your secret key, you will be able to retrieve all your content regardless of the discoverability controls.

Docs IconWe request that you disable adding share or embed controls when displaying content that does on return a value of true for this listed attribute. You should also consider the appropriate SEO tags, such as setting noindex.
1query GetItineraryIsListed {
2  itinerary(id: "itinerary/123") {
3    id
5    # Determine if this content should be discoverable
6    # Must be a boolean returning with exactly true
7    listed: attrValue(id: "itinerary/listed")
8  }

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