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Lists, Trips and Trails

The most common use case of the GraphQL API is to access information from lists, trips and trails that have been created on the Alpaca platform.

The API is used to access as well as provide a way to modify and create content in the platform.

  • Reading and Querying Access information via an itinerary ID, such as reading a list of the places, the place information and photos, and more.
  • Creating Lists Create and manage a list of places, such as an authors 'top recommendations' or a users selection of places they make within your website/application.
  • Creating Trips with Routes Add trip planning capability to your website, application or CMS. Assist users plan their trip, with places, routes and more.
Docs IconAlpaca refers to different structures of lists, trips and trails as the Itinerary data type. This covers a wide range of content structures from simples curates lists, a selection of favourites through to multi-day trips with various places, routes and sights and activities.


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