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Token Authorization


You will need to obtain your API Key in order to authenticate your application

when making calls to GraphQL. We accept the API Key as an ?accessToken= query parameter.


Your API Key will have different read and write scopes, depending on when it is created. By default, Alpaca Travel offers both private and public API Keys. A private API Key will enable the application to perform mutations on profiles it has been assigned, where the public API Key is read only access to content.

  • Public Scope Able to read from assigned profiles and author anonymous itineraries. For use in front-end applications without priviledges to the profile.

  • Private Scope Able to read/write from assigned profiles (full access). Do not share this API Key with the public.

Obtaining your API Key

Your API Key is available by request during our BETA testing phase. Please contact us via sayhello@alpaca.travel or following the URL https://alpaca.travel. You must agree to the terms and conditions to use this service.


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