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About Alpaca Travel PTY Limited

Founded in 2015, Alpaca Travel is a Melbourne-based independent company focused on reshaping the world of itinerary technology. Recognising the inherent challenges the tourism industry as well as agencies and web developers face when crafting and communicating journeys, we focused to be a B2B2C model to better facilitate these experiences. Our mission is simple yet profound: we aspire to lead people to better experiences, with the hunger in their heart and an itinerary in their back pocket.

We are proud to stand out in the SaaS landscape with our niche and unique content. Alpaca Travel provides an all-encompassing service, unmatched by any other SaaS product dedicated to itinerary planning and showcasing. Our GraphQL API facilitates the creation and display of trips, trails, and curated lists. With our technology, we empower users to structure on-ground movements, demonstrate maps, and much more.

Our tools simplify the task of presenting itineraries for designers and developers, as well as the creation of travel plans, bookmarks, and favourites for users. We've forged partnerships with destination marketers, travel brands, operators, and bloggers, and our platform has served travel itineraries to millions of users worldwide.

Our commitment to privacy and data security is paramount. Hosted on AWS, we adhere to GDPR requirements and do not collect personal information from end-users, nor do we collect data for advertising or sell user data.

We ensure ease of integration with our platform, offering a typesafe GraphQL environment, extensive documentation, and pre-built widgets for quick content presentation. Alpaca Travel is compatible with various popular place databases, including the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, which further facilitates our users' tasks.

We continuously invest in R&D and innovation to keep pace with the evolving travel industry's needs. Our dedicated support resources and materials provide aid to content creators, designers, developers, and organisations.

At Alpaca Travel, we firmly believe in experience-based travel, flexibility, and the ambition to be the best. We are expanding our services to further support designers and developers in taking their itineraries to the next level.

Join us as we explore the future of travel and adventure, one itinerary at a time.


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