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Photo Attribution and Copyright

Media inside the alpaca.travel platform can allow content creators to attach additional information to their content, such as to provide attribution and copyright.

When building and designing your application, you must display the attribution and copyright information with any photos displayed.

Alpaca makes it easy for you to access this information across the API for photos.

1query getMediaImage($id: ID!) {
2  # Use the mediaResource() to load MediaImage types
3  mediaResource(
4    # Supply your Media Resource ID
5    id: $id
6  ) {
7    # In this query, we are accessing the image
8    ... on MediaImage {
9      # Image credits
10      copyright
11      attribution
13      # More detailed attribution
14      attributionUrl: attrValue(id: "attribution-url")
15      attributionHtml: attrValue(id: "attribution-html")
16      photographer: attrValue(id: "photographer")
17      usageTerms: attrValue(id: "usage-terms")
18      licenseUrl: attrValue(id: "license-url")
19      licenseShortName: attrValue(id: "license-short-name")
20    }
21  }

Sandbox: Configure | Try Operation

Warning IconApplication developers and designers need to consider the use of media such as photos that may have the requirement of displaying suitable attribution and copyright.


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