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Position Attributes

A position longitude and latitude coordinate for a projected coordinate system.

1query {
2  # Supported on place or any other type with a Position
3  place(id: "place/facebook:page:mavisthegrocer") {
4    # The position type represents a coordinate (longitude and latitude)
5    position {
6      # Coordinate References
7      lon
8      lat
9      # latLon, lonLat etc if preferred to access as an array
11      # Access the timezone at the coordinate
12      timezone: attrValue(id: "place/time-zone")
13      # Access the currency for the country
14      currency: attrValue(id: "place/country-currency")
16      # Further information, such as regions..
17      iso3166: attrValue(id: "place/iso-3166-2")
19      # Australian information, such as locality, gov, etc
20      locality: attrValue(id: "place/abs:locality")
21      lga: attrValue(id: "place/abs:local-government-area")
22      electoral: attrValue(id: "place/abs:commonwealth-electoral-division")
23      tourismRegion: attrValue(id: "place/abs:tourism-region")
24    }
25  }

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Projected Coordinate System

Alpaca has adopted the EPSG:3857 projected coordinate system used for rendering maps in Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox etc.

Accessing information about a coordinate

Alpaca provides extended attributes about a supplied coordinate reference to allow developers a easy way to access further information about the location.

Geographical Attributes

To assist in macro global geographical placement of places, the following attributes are available.

place/iso-3166-1-alpha-2ISO 3166-1 alpha-2string
place/iso-3166-1-alpha-3ISO 3166-1 alpha-3string
place/region-wbRegion (World Bank)string
place/region-unRegion (United Nations)string
place/country-formal-nameCountry Formal Namestring
place/region-abbreviationRegion (Abbrev)string
place/time-zoneTime zonestring

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

To assist in geographical placement against ABS data, the following place attributes are available in Australia.

place/abs:local-government-areaLocal Government Areastring
place/abs:local-government-area-codeLocal Government Area Codestring
place/abs:tourism-regionTourism Regionstring
place/abs:tourism-region-codeTourism Region Codestring
place/abs:commonwealth-electoral-divisionCommonwealth Electoral Divisionstring
place/abs:commonwealth-electoral-division-codeCommonwealth Electoral Division Codestring
place/abs:state-codeState Codestring
place/abs:state-suburb-codeState Suburb Codestring
place/abs:postal-codePostal codestring

ABS data is obtained from the latest available data sets, which are updated in line with the census data. The next census data is due June 2022.

Wine Australia

To assist in geographical placement against Wine Australia information, the following attributes are available in Australia.

place/wineaustralia:zoneWine Zonestring
place/wineaustralia:zone-numberWine Zone (number)number
place/wineaustralia:regionWine Regionstring
place/wineaustralia:region-numberWine Region (number)number
place/wineaustralia:subregionWine Subregionstring
place/wineaustralia:subregion-numberWine Subregion (number)number


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