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Itinerary Classifications

Alpaca Travel Itineraries leverage several attributes in order to provide classifications to created content.

Attribute IDDescription
itinerary/typeThe type of Itinerary: list, trail, trip (string)
itinerary/usesThe intended use of the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/genresThe genre of the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/stylesThe styles of the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/transportsThe styles of the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/audiencesThe intended audiences for the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/difficuliesDifficulties of the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/fitness-typeFitness type for the Itinerary (string)
itinerary/environmentsEnvironments for the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/pricing-typePricing classification for the Itinerary (string[])
itinerary/route-typeThe route type of the itinerary (string)
itinerary/route-referenceThe route reference for the itinerary (string)
itinerary/is-route-reversibleWhether the route can be reversed (boolean)

Specifying these values can be done during creation. Alpaca offers many suggestions from a standard set to users using the application (which will have a alpaca: prefix to their value) but you can place your own values within the set.

1# Create an itinerary with a classification
3mutation CreateItineraryWithClassifications {
4  # Create an itinerary with some classification assignment
5  createItinerary(
6    itinerary: {
7      title: "My example itinerary"
8      defaultLocale: "en"
9      attrs: [
10        { id: "itinerary/type", value: "trip" }
11        { id: "itinerary/genres", value: ["alpaca:genre:FOOD|CULINARY"] }
12      ]
13    }
14  ) {
15    itinerary {
16      id
17    }
18  }

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Once you then query this value, you can obtain the classifcations set

1# Get the genre for the itinerary
3query GetItineraryClassifications {
4  itinerary(id: "itinerary/ABC123") {
5    type: attrValue(id: "itinerary/type")
6    genres: attrValue(id: "itinerary/genres")
7  }

Sandbox: Configure | Try Operation

If successful, the response will be similar to the following

2  "data": {
3    "itinerary": {
4      "type": "trip",
5      "genres": ["alpaca:genre:FOOD|CULINARY"]
6    }
7  }

Itinerary Location

Similarly to itineraries, itinerary locations offer some additional standard classifications.

Attribute IDDescription
itinerary/location/classificationsAny broad associated classifications for this location (string[])
itinerary/location/activitiesAny activities at this location (string[])
itinerary/location/facilitiesAny facilities at this location (string[])


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