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GraphQL Example Operations

The following area provides a number of example operations to perform common requirements of applications and sites using Alpaca Travel GraphQL API.

Each section of this area is broken up by the resource type. If you are still new to the Alpaca Travel GraphQL API, you may want to review the initial GraphQL Articles also located in this repository first.


Collection Location


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Itinerary Collection

  • Create Itinerary Collection Creates an Itinerary Collection, which can be used to create new sub-listsmutation createItineraryCollection( $itineraryId: ID! $itineraryCollection: CreateItineraryCollectionInput!) { createItineraryCollection( itineraryId: $itineraryId collection: $itineraryCollection ) { collection { id } }}

Itinerary Directions

  • Create Itinerary Link Itinerary Creates a link between itineraries from one itinerary to another
  • List Itinerary Links Query the itinerary linksquery listItineraryLinks($itineraryId: ID!, $first: Int!, $after: String) { itinerary( Supply the itinerary ID id: $itineraryId ) { Select the associated itinerary links using the children selector children( Limit to querying the itinerary links type: ItineraryLink Using the relay "cursor connection" specification for pagination See: https://relay

Itinerary Location

Itinerary Segments


Media Upload


Place Provider: Australian Tourism Data Warehouse


  • Get Authorized Profiles Uses a query with the supplied AccessToken/API Key in order to determine the associated authorized profiles
  • Get Profile Load a query by a supplied profile identifier
  • Update Profile Update profile details (such as name, bio, website) for a supplied profile

Profile Social



If you would like to share an operation that is useful to others, please send us a pull request with the operation created in the appropriate sub-folder. If you need to correct a comment, please update the operations directly, and not the generated markdown


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