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Australian Tourism Regions

Vector Tile Hosting

Alpaca Travel offers a vector tile hosting service which provides access to the current Australian Tourism Regions for presenting on interactive maps. This can help build interactive maps that can display to the user various regions and sub-regions across Australia.

Interactive Explorer

Alpaca offers an interactive explorer to review what data is visible within the vector dataset.

Australian Tourism Regions

Interactive Explorer

SVG Data

It is possible to extract the SVG data for each region, using it for rendering SVG maps of tourism regions.

Feature Specification

Alpaca provides a specification derived from the ABS data set, allowing you to target and create interactions with data.

Example of Feature Properties

2  "properties": {
3    "class": "place_polygon",
4    "TR_CODE21": "2R040",
5    "TR_NAME21": "Great Ocean Road",
6    "STE_NAME21": "Victoria",
7    "STE_CODE21": "2",
8    "id": "place/abs:2021-tourism:2r040",
9    "label": "Great Ocean Road"
10  }

Adding to Mapbox

You can directly attach the ATDW products to your Mapbox map instance by adding the following style source definition.

1"tourism": {
2  "type": "vector",
3  "data": "https://mapping.withalpaca.travel/v1/set/abs_2021_tourism.tilejson?scheme=xyz&accessToken=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN",
4  "scheme": "xyz"

Targeting Regions

As an example, you can also add a style layer to your map, which will display corresponding ATDW products.

Displaying Regions of New South Wales

2  "id": "maine",
3  "type": "fill",
4  "source": "tourism",
5  "source-layer": "default",
6  "layout": {},
7  "paint": {
8    "fill-color": "#0080ff",
9    "fill-opacity": 0.5
10  },
11  "filter": ["==", "STE_NAME21", "New South Wales"]


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