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Google Analytics

Using the Google Analytics integration option of the Alpaca Platform provides a mechanism to report on visitor interaction with content through the Embeds.

The following guide is provided for reference around the behaviour of the Google Analytics integration.

Some notable details:

  • Alpaca can push events to Google Analytics to GA4 Properties
  • Alpaca uses integration via gtag.js which will push to Data Stream using supplied Measurement ID
  • Alpaca, in a typical Single Page Application (SPA), will disable automatic page_view events. Events are then created each page change with the additional event parameters to enhance the associated context of events.

Google Analytics properties may need additional configuration, such as setting up Event Mapping or the use of Custom Definitions to access all data sent to the Data Stream within Google Analytics.

Note: Please be aware that this reference and implementation is subject to change.

Page View

Alpaca will attempt to propagate a page_view event with the following core parameters:

Parameter nameNote
page_locationThe page location
page_titlethe page title
content_groupThe Itinerary title
content_group2The Profile Name of the author of the content
content_group3The type of itinerary (e.g. list, trail and trip)

Note: The core parameters are intended to be uniform in the way that they are propagated to GA4 and may not match the exact SPA title or page URL.

View item

Alpaca will attempt to propagate a view_item event with a items parameter that contains information about the viewed item assigned to Google Analytics parameters.

Item parameterNote
item_nameContent title
item_idThe unique ID associated with the content (e.g. itinerary/abc123)
item_brandThe name of the profile
item_categoryThe profile name associated with the itinerary
item_category2The type of itinerary, such as list, trail and trip)
item_category3The itinerary name, when viewing a location

Alpaca Custom Events

Alpaca will send events through a custom event, named alpaca. Along with the event, Alpaca includes the following parameters:

Parameter nameNote
alpaca_methodThe event name
alpaca_method_namespaceThe event name, with a prefix of alpaca_

Alpaca recommends that users set up Event Mapping that will remap the alpaca_method or alpaca_method_namespace to the Event name.

Events include:

  • impression: Occuring along with page_view events
  • indicated: Occuring when users interact with content (such as resulting from hover events)
  • map_interaction: Occuring when users interact with the map (such as resulting from dragend, boxzoomend, mouseup, touchend)

Contextual Parameters

Along with core events, Alpaca will attempt to provide additional content to events:

Parameter nameNote
alpaca_profile_idThe Profile ID of the author of the content
alpaca_source_idThe Itinerary ID for the content
alpaca_source_typeThe type of content (itinerary)
alpaca_source_titleThe Itinerary title
alpaca_viewThe layout used to present the content
alpaca_source_attribute_external_refThe supplied external ref associated with the itinerary
alpaca_source_attribute_external_sourceThe supplied external source associated with the itinerary


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