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Embeds provide an off-the-shelf representation of itinerary content that can be integrated quickly into your site.

Design Requirements for integration of embed consists of:

  • Creating a full-width template
  • Creating a content/article page element
Docs IconPlease start with guidelines for embeds first.

Full-width Template

Create a template that can just have the navigation, but dedicates the remainder of the page space to a full-width embed element. Your tech team should be able to position a full-screen embed within this template, still allowing your users to use the navigation.

  • Full width/height layout with the navigation bar
  • Maximise the space for interaction with the embed

Content/Article Page Template

Create a representation of the embed that will break out of a constrained width text area.


  • Mobile should be full width (no padding)
  • Desktop should be full width (larger than usual text columns)


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