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The alpaca.tech platform provides two primary options for integrating itineraries into your application or website. You can either use pre-built "embeds" or opt for a custom design approach. Both options have their advantages, but your choice will depend on your design vision, resources, and time constraints.

Docs IconThe choice between using pre-built embeds or going for a custom design largely depends on your team's resources, skills, and design vision. Embeds provide a fast, low-resource way to incorporate rich itinerary features but offer limited customization. A custom design, on the other hand, allows for a unique user experience tailored to your vision but demands more time and resources.

Embed Options

Alpaca offers a range of prebuilt embeds that help you incorporate versatile itinerary features into your application quickly. These embeds can represent various forms of itineraries such as trips, trails, lists, etc. They also provide a host of features including optionality of stops, alternative routes, activities, highlights, and more.

  • Quick and easy integration.
  • Supports diverse itinerary content types.
  • Basic font and color customization.
  • Limited further customization (map etc).
  • Code snippets required for website templates.

Using the Itinerary Editor, a content management system paired with our product, you can easily manage the content displayed. Customization options include styling fonts (header, label, body fonts) and colours (UI elements, buttons, etc).

However, please note that advanced customization, such as map customization, is not supported with the embed options. You have the flexibility to choose from minimal map presentations to fully interactive embeds.

Embedding these prebuilt assets in your website involves including specific code snippets in your templates. Although it can be as simple as cutting and pasting iframe/script or oembed code, it often requires template modifications to ensure the proper presentation of the embed. Guidelines for this process are available to support your team.

Custom Design

If you have a unique vision for your project, Alpaca provides a full suite of tools for custom design and development. These include a GraphQL API, mapping services with integration code for various mapping environments (mapbox, leaflet, google, etc), an SDK, and example code operations.

  • Complete control over design and content.
  • Tools provided for design and development.
  • Cater to a wide range of user experiences.
  • More resource and skill intensive.
  • Costs may include mapping services and special API calls.

With this approach, you have complete control over the design and content presentation, allowing you to cater to a wide range of user experiences. However, custom designs can be complex and require more resources, including design skills and the understanding of mobile and desktop interface designs.

Moreover, while managing the content and accessing it for display is made easy by Alpaca, the creation and presentation of the custom design can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Costs associated with custom design include paying for the mapping service and possibly for special API calls.


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